Irish Aviation Authority reduces minimum distances for some drones operating near people

To help facilitate the drone industry, the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) has published an exemption to the distances from uninvolved persons for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Open A2 operations. The new distance applies to UAS conducted with a minimum take of weight of less than 1 kg which are used for commercial purposes.

A minimum horizontal distance of 30 meters must be maintained from uninvolved persons. If the UAS is operated in a slow flight mode, the operator ensures that a maximum speed of 5 m/s is not exceeded, and after evaluation of weather conditions, performance of the unmanned aircraft, and segregation of the overflown area, the minimum horizontal distance may be reduced to 10 meters.

This brings the distances from uninvolved persons in the open A2 category more in line with those for CIL drones, which have yet to reach market.
More background, rationale, and information can be found on the IAA website here: Aeronautical Notice U10 Exemption for Open Category, Subcategory A2 Commercial UAS Operations with respect to Distances from Uninvolved Persons UAS Advisory Memorandum UAM 006 Guidance on Distance from People Exemption for Open A2 Commercial Operations.

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