Ireland’s transport department launches public consultation to inform UAS policy framework

Ireland’s Department of Transport has launched a public consultation on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to establish a policy framework that will set out the vision, strategy, and priorities for the development of the UAS sector in Ireland. The Policy Framework will aim to guide high-level strategic planning and development over the next decade by supporting growth and innovation in the UAS sector while managing safety, security, environmental and other aspects. It will provide a roadmap that supports the sustainability, competition, and economic contribution of UAS and related technologies in Ireland, in line with Government policy in the areas of carbon, digitisation, innovation and disruptive technologies, balanced regional development, and with a strong focus on social acceptance.

Many of the issues to be addressed by the Policy Framework fall directly within the remit of the Department of Transport, while other issues cross-over into areas of responsibility of other Government Departments and agencies. In 2021, the Department established an interdepartmental steering group1 to facilitate the development of a comprehensive, holistic, and integrated policy.

The Department now needs wider input to guide the direction of the policy framework and to ensure it provides a balanced and holistic approach.

Input is sought on several key areas, including how to respond to public concerns about the increase in use of UAS, how to position Ireland as a potential front runner in this emerging sector, and how to future proof responsible development of the UAS industry.

Consultation Questions

To inform the development of a policy framework on unmanned aircraft systems views are sought on the following matters:

  1. How can Ireland position itself as a leader of innovation in the UAS sector to benefit our economy and society from the development and uptake of new technologies and services associated with UAS?
  2. What are the core elements necessary for the development of the UAS sector in Ireland?
  3. What concerns do you have about increased UAS use in urban and rural areas? How can these concerns be addressed/alleviated?
  4. What do you think is required to develop a roadmap on integrated spatial planning for UAS use in urban and rural areas? What immediate steps should Ireland be taking to implement the U-space Regulation? How should the development of U-space be funded?
  5. Who should be able to initiate a request for the establishment of UAS geographical zones (on safety, security, privacy, or environmental grounds) and on what criteria should one be established?
  6. How can we improve both the public’s and leisure UAS operators’ awareness of the law in relation to the use of UAS?
  7. What more can be done to stop the misuse and illegal use of UAS?

Submissions may be made:

By the online form <>

By email to:

The closing date for submissions is Friday 8 March 2024

For further information visit:

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