Drone Enable 2021: ICAO is developing a UTM toolkit, guidance material and regulatory information

Speaking at ICAO’s fourth Drone Enable symposium, taking place virtually on 13-15 April and 20-21 April online, Mark Wuennenberg, Secretary of the ICAO Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Advisory Group (UAS-AG), said UAS-AG is “developing Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) toolkit, complete with guidance material and regulatory information, which will be free to access on the ICAO website”. It will provide the same services as the existing toolkit already developed for UAS.

The symposium opened with a keynote speeches from ICAO Secretary General Dr Fan Lui and OECD Transport Forum Secretary General Dr Young Tae Kim. Frederic Maulaud, Secretary of the ICAO Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems panel provided an overview of work underway and progress being made with RPAS regulatory materials.

ICAO Drone Enable 2021 Symposium brings together key stakeholders from industry, academia, government and international organizations in the unmanned aviation sector to exchange best practices, lessons learned, research material and challenges related to the introduction of UAS and UTM.

The symposium showcases existing technologies, ongoing research and development, as well as describe commercial and non-commercial activities in this rapidly evolving sector of the aviation industry.

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