Eurocae seeks participants in working group WG-105 (Unmanned Aerial Systems) for standards development

EUROCAE WG-105 is pursuing the objective of developing Minimum Operational Performance Specification for ACAS sXu”, with support from WG-75, specifically for validation activities (e.g. encounter modelling and simulation). The working group particularly seeks input from equipment manufacturers, UAS manufacturers, UAS operators, U-space/UTM service providers, ATM/ANS service providers, regulators. Specific expertise on Collision Avoidance Systems, DAA, UTM and SORA would help to bring the task to completion.

ACAS X defines a suite of collision avoidance systems tailored for specific applications. ACAS Xa/Xo and ACAS Xu have already been published. ACAS X developments are continuing in full swing by RTCA SC-147 strongly supported by WG-75. ACAS sXu is a derivative from ACAS Xa, but with an emphasis on small unmanned aircraft. All variants are based on the same architectural and technological principles.

Development of Xu and sXu would essentially require tuning of the encounter scenarios. The technology is therefore considered relatively mature.

ACAS sXu is a modular, tunable, and scalable DAA solution, well suited for a problem space expected to involve a broad range of surveillance sources and sUAS platform maneuver capabilities. The sXu concept has the flexibility to employ a single standard logic across a variety of envisioned equipages. The core logic is common to all implementations, but agnostic to physical architecture, surveillance sources, and communications links. This strategy allows the sXu concept to operate in an environment with many stakeholders offering various sUAS capabilities.

Coordination with other working groups (e.g. Eurocae WG-44 and WG-75, as well as RTCA SC-228 and SC-147) is envisaged.

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