EASA publishes guidelines for UAS operations in the open and specific category

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has published guidelines for UAS operations in the open and specific category. Both industry and Member States may use it as a reference to support application of Regulations (EU) No 2019/945 and No 2019/947.

EASA will continue to collect feedback from the community and, once the material contained in these guidelines is considered sufficiently mature, will apply the rulemaking process, transferring them in AMC and GM that are regularly integrated in the easy access rule on UAS.
These guidelines are not legally binding and shall be considered as a working document only, which summarises and disseminates the experience of application of the drone regulatory framework to facilitate of application by the competent authorities, operators.

In addition to these guidelines, EASA has recently published in the past months:

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▶️Drones Class 0: Basics and height limit of 120 m | EASA (europa.eu)

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▶️Remote identification will become mandatory for drones across Europe | EASA (europa.eu)

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