EASA invites comments on means of compliance for mitigation to reduce crash impact

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has published a new proposed means of compliance for systems installed on drones to reduce the effect on ground in case of crash.

The document is of interest to operators intending to equip a drone with a parachute or demonstrate that the drone has a function that reduces its energy in case of crash.
For those familiar with Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) terminology, it is linked to M2 ground mitigation.

The document is addressed to UAS operators, UAS manufacturers, mitigation means manufacturers (typically but not only: parachute recovery systems). The document is made of:

  • Chapter 1: conceptual clarification of the nominal integrity target associated with medium robustness M2;
  • Chapter 2: General Means of Compliance (MoC) for M2 medium robustness mitigation means. An applicant may use this chapter to define the technical approach for its project by proposing to the competent authority a specific MoC for M2 medium integrity;
  • Chapter 3: An initial set of example ways to apply the general MoC.

Chapter 2 is particularly addressed to organizations designing the UAS and/or the mitigation means, chapter 3 is focused on operators.
Official comments to the proposed Consultation Paper are to be filed through the EASA Comment Response Tool.
The document is available for commenting until 8 March 2023.

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