Dutch study reviews different U-space models and recommends next steps

A study completed by partners Adecs Airinfra, ADSE Consulting and Engineering, AirHub, MovingDot, and PxC examines the future governance and financing structure for U-space in the Netherlands.  Commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure, the research gives insights into how other countries plan to execute the U-space regulation and how a selection of the Dutch drone sector prefers the regulation to be implemented.

The research results in a total of five models for the establishment of U-space in the Netherlands, varying from a market driven model to a model focusing on integration within the current ATM model. The models were rated against several assessment criteria, resulting in a preferred model and advice on how to proceed with implementation.

The variety of partners gave the opportunity to bring added value from several perspectives, making sure to bring the knowledge on U-space structures to a next level. With this result, the Ministry will be able to pursue its road to an operational unmanned airspace.

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