CORUS-XUAM releases U-space concept of operations (ConOps) Edition 4 for comment

The fourth edition of the U-space Concept of Operations (ConOps) has just been published by the European CORUS-XUAM research project team and is open to review and commenting. This new version is extending the edition 3 of the ConOps delivered in October 2019.

Based on feedback, the final deliverable will be published in early 2023.

As in the previous editions, the ConOps looks far into the future, but now has a simplified structure. It aligns with existing EU U-space regulations, and it includes the material related to Urban Air Mobility (UAM), in particular vertiports and eVTOL passenger-carrying operations.

A concept of operations (ConOps) is a document describing the characteristics of a proposed system from the viewpoint of an individual who will use that system. It is used to communicate the quantitative and qualitative system characteristics to all stakeholders.

This ConOps tries to answer the basic question “how does U-space work” and in doing so provides a common basis for discussion of details. The ConOps provides terminology and a general model of the overall system of U-space.

U-space is based on a set of services that are provided from the ground (generally) and concern safety, security and efficient flight. This ConOps describes these services, how they are used and the environment in which they are used.

In this ConOps, Urban Air Mobility is defined as air operations which are above urban areas (at least for part of the flight), in U-space airspace, performed by a mix of traffic which includes aircraft that are incapable of flying IFR or VFR and with very limited range, and in traffic dense enough that tactical separation is needed to ensure safe operations.

The operations include but are not limited to air-taxi operations with remotely piloted electrically powered vehicles.

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