AW-Drones releases easy and free web tool to check European drone standards

The European AW-Drones research project launches the Drone Standards Info Portal on 5 November 2020, a database to support the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Commission (EC) in development actions related to drones. This was reported in a press release sent by EuroUSC Italia, partner of the project who, in addition to contributing to the realization of the project, has also developed SAMWISE, an online tool for the application of the SORA methodology.

The Drone Standards Info Portal can be used free of charge and will allow operators and stakeholders to easily identify the standards useful for implementing the requirements necessary to carry out flights safely in the “specific” category of UAS operations and, in particular, in the operations conducted in beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

The AW-Drones portal will allow the viewing of standards through an open search or using specific filters (based on requirements, type of standard or keyword), but also an advanced search for the category of the operation. For each standard identified, title, document, organization, status, external url, domain, keyword, description and requirements to which it is applicable will be presented. Any user can become a publisher and further enrich the portal by adding comments or good practices, under the supervision of an administrator.

“For EuroUSC-Italia, the Drone Standards Info Portal is one of the main results of the project as it is complementary to SAMWISE,” said Marco Ducci, CEO of EuroUSC-Italia. “ It provides users with a reliable assessment and a list of useful standards to implement mitigations and requirements within SORA ”.

Both the portal and SAMWISE will remain active and available also at the conclusion of the AW-Drones project, to support the community and encourage the growth of drone-based services with maximum effectiveness, efficiency and safety.

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