ASTM focus group accepts GUTMA recommendations for USSP interoperability

The international standards body ASTM Focus Group has officially accepted GUTMA’s recommendations and updated the mapping of ASTM standards F3411-22a and F3548-21 accordingly, says GUTMA.

This accomplishment stems from the work of the GUTMA Task Force co-led by ANRA Technologies and Wing, and featuring 20 GUTMA Members representing several companies, including  Airwayz, ANGOKA, Heron AirBridge, HHLA, High Lander, NEC, TII and TruWeather Solutions.

The Task Force carried out a thorough review of the ASTM mapping of standards F3411-22a and F3548-21 to the U-space regulation, ensuring alignment and coherence within the evolving UTM landscape.

The ASTM mapping demonstrates that the relevant standards meet U-space Service Provider (USSP) interoperability requirements for the following services:

➡ The Network identification service;
➡ The UAS flight authorisation service; and
➡ The Conformance monitoring service.

These resources are now publicly available for download here

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