USAF seeks C-sUAS electronic drone emulator

In a 7 September ‘sources sought’ announcement, the US Air Force is seeking organisations capable of responding to a requirement for a C-sUAS electronic drone emulator.

No solicitations are currently available – the intent at this juncture is merely to establish potentially competent sources, in order to support a potential competitive procurement. Technical parameters revealed to date include:

  • System must be able to receive and detect SUAS RF signals in common communication bands (2.4/5.8 GHz and 400/900 MHz)
  • System must be able to validate the successful transmission of a protocol-based RF countermeasure
  • System must provide supplemental environmental RF scanning to identify dynamic interference sources
  • System must be able to receive support and software updates
  • System must be able to be reusued and withstand multiple Electronic Warfare (EW) C-UAS system type tests without alteration to the device.
  • System must have an internal rechargeable battery that lasts for a minimum of 3 hours
  • System must have built-in display module that reflects user-based input and actions

The ‘sources sought’ inquiry is designated as a total Small Business Set Aside. Responses should be made by email before 09:00 Alaska Daylight Time on 18 September to A1C Felix Prose at

(Image: The proliferation of small UAS in individual and organisational hands is prompting significant increases in the search for effective, reliable countermeasures. Credit: US Border Patrol)

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