US Navy issues request to industry for high-gain C-UAS antennas

The US Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Crane has a requirement for supplies and services associated with providing and installing high gain antennas for a C-UAS system, according to the US government tender website.

“The antenna applications will demand rugged construction that passes MIL-STD testing and meets antenna specifications documented herein. The Government anticipates soliciting this requirement as full and open competition procurement.  The performance requirements for this effort will include installation of and a service plan for the antennas.

“This requirement requires in-depth knowledge, understanding, experience and implementation of MIL-STD-3007G as well as other Federal Regulations and Instructions to be specified within the formal RFP….The Government anticipates posting a DRAFT RFP approximately within Q4 FY24 and solicit Contractor proposals that meet the Government required system salient characteristics, delivery and installation objectives, product support and maintenance requirements.  Anticipated Period of Performance will cross over FY23-FY24.

“Note: A single antenna covering both frequency ranges (Band A and Band A#) is preferable, but  a two-antenna solution will also be considered. If two separate antennas are used, then recommend diplexer with high rejection and low insertion loss. Provide model number and specifications.”

Deadline for responses is May 13. Announcement Number:  N0016424SNB53

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