US Joint C-sUAS Office seeks whitepapers on low-collateral ground-based C-UAS concepts

The US Joint C-sUAS Office (JCO) is seeking information regarding the current capabilities of industry for ground based C-sUAS for low collateral effects. This is only a request for white papers at this time to identify the state of industry to inform the JCO and future requirement documents across the Department of Defense.  There are no planned procurements of equipment at this time.

The JCO is interested in ground based C-sUAS capability for low collateral effects.  This is defined as a system that emits fires or projects a C-sUAS effect from the ground.  Low collateral effects will be assessed by the ability to utilize the advertised solution in an in an environment sensitive to injury or harm inflicted on something other than the intended target.  For example, low collateral effects are required in the continental U.S. due to laws and regulations.  Specific, but not limited, uses would include defeating small UAS in open environments or situations where the rules of engagement require low collateral effectors only.

Both large and small businesses, as well as academic institutions, are encouraged to respond.  The information provided may be used by the Department of Defense (DoD) in developing its acquisition strategy, statement of work/performance work statements, and/or statement of objectives.

Submissions must be submitted no later than 16:00EST on Friday, 12 March 2021 via email to Brandon Bradley at  All submissions shall be clearly marked “White Papers for ground based C-sUAS capability for low collateral effects.”  The Government intends to request oral presentations from the provided solutions that most closely align with the JCO objectives outlined below:

  • Low collateral capabilities and cost effectiveness to deny, defeat or destroy UAS classified as Group 1 and 2
  • Ease of integration and technical maturity
  • Technical Merit of solution adequately addressing government need and is feasible
  • Company’s approach is unique/novel, underutilized and/or innovative to government application

Notice number: JCO_RFI-Ground_Based_C-sUAS

Deadline: 12 March 2020

Responsible department: US Army


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(Image: By M.Moira/Shutterstock)

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