NASA Stennis space center seeks C-UAS system to monitor drone flights

NASA/NSSC has a requirement for a UAS detection system that tracks sUAS movements, Ground Control Station and uses Geo-Fence. NASA/NSSC will be the procuring center for this effort. Performance will be located at NASA/ Stennis Space Center (SSC).

According to the tender documents:

“SSC request a UAS detection system /service that can monitor the airspace and detect UAS activity, pilot/Ground Control Station (GCS) location within the SSC Fee Area, Buffer Zone and restricted airspace in real time and allow NASA personnel the ability to monitor activities.

Requirements: A simple solution that can detect unauthorized UAS or drones through Radio Frequency (RF) technology and/or Radar technology. Both RF and Radar technology should work in unison if both are used. Real-time detection – System should be able to detect aircraft and pilot/GCS locations, speed, altitude, make and model of system in real time and provide a map overlay in order for Stennis security to respond.

System is able to whitelist or not track NASA owned unmanned vehicles as required. System should provide accurate data during inclement weather. Provide a web site that can be logged in and viewed through both a computer and mobile device. Website should display an interactive map of real-time locations, reports that shows history of flights and system status page.”

Contracting authority: NASA NSCC

Deadline July 9, 2021

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(Image: NASA)

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