Deadline extended for GBAD MADIS C-UAS Engagement System (CES) industry responses

The US Department of the Navy has issued a new tender deadline date  relating to the M GBAD MADIS Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS) Engagement System (CES) (, originally published on 7 November 2023 (

Deadline for responses from industry has been moved from January 8 to January 22.

According to description of the programme:

“The FWS Inc 1 MADIS is comprised of two vehicles, one AN/MSY-2(v)1, Mk1 vehicle, and one AN/MSY-2(v)2, Mk2 vehicle. This system will provide a new and improved capability to mitigate the risk of attacks from Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Fixed Wing (FW)/Rotary Wing (RW) aircraft while maintaining pace with maneuver forces. Specifically, FWS Inc 1 MADIS provides Marine Air-Ground Task Force commanders short range ability to detect, track, identify, and defeat aerial threats. FWS Inc 1 MADIS focuses on the integration of command and control (C2) software with emerging and existing components integrated onto the Marine Corps JLTV HGC variant The AN/MSY-2(v)1 and AN/MSY-2(v)2 are complimentary in capability.  The Mk1 includes a counter aircraft and non-kinetic C-UAS capability, and the Mk2, which includes a detection, kinetic and non-kinetic C-UAS capability. The CES is an advanced, highly autonomous effector that can negate Group 1-3 UAS threats at significant ranges from the launch location.”

For more information

Login at and search for ‘M6785424R0056’ to obtain more details.


(Image: US Marine Corps

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