Canadian defence department issues urgent operational request for C-UAS systems

Canada will be acquiring Portable Anti-X Missile systems, Counter Uncrewed Aircraft Systems, and Air Defence Systems as Urgent Operational Requirements (UORs), according to Defence Minister Anita Anand speaking at the March 9 Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence hosted by the Conference of Defence Associations Institute.

According to a defence department statement:

“The urgent procurement of these capabilities will improve the self-protection of military members deployed in Eastern Europe as part of Operation REASSURANCE.

  • The Portable Anti-X Missile systems (PAXM) – Urgent Operational Requirement project will provide PAXM systems including missiles, simulators and associated support to empower the CAF personnel deployed with the Canada-led multinational NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia with training and the capability to destroy main battle tanks. As part of this streamlined procurement process, it is expected a Request for Proposal will be issued in the coming months with a contract award in mid-2023.
  • The Counter Uncrewed Aircraft System – Urgent Operational Requirement (CUAS UOR) project will provide a CUAS capability that will provide protection measures against hostile Class 1 UAS for CAF personnel deployed in the Operation REASSURANCE theatre of operations. A Request for Information was issued on March 2, 2023. The project will be executed with a phased implementation approach. A contract award for Dismounted Equipment and Fixed Site Systems is estimated for Fall 2023. A contract award for Vehicle Mounted, Fully Integrated Systems is estimated for early 2024.
  • The Air Defence – Urgent Operational Requirement (AD UOR) project will acquire a soldier portable Very-Short Range Air Defence System (VSHORAD) for the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia in order to defeat attack aircraft and Class 1 UAS within its area of operations. A Request for Information is expected to be issued in March 2023 and a Request for Proposal is expected during Summer 2023. The timeframe for contract award is currently estimated for early 2024.

According to the request for information ( the deadline for responses is March 24, 2023.

The following are excepts from the RFI:

“The CUAS UOR intends to deliver several components: a) Dismounted directional System including a Radio Frequency (RF) Jammer; b) Dismounted omni-directional system including a RF detector, RF Jammer and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) Jammer; c) Fixed Site System including a Command and Control (C2) system, RF detector, ability to conduct protocol manipulation; and…

“The CUAS capability will be deployed primarily to Canadian Army (CA) elements. These elements, based on a battalion of mechanized infantry, will tactically deploy CUAS systems throughout their Area if Operation (AO) to mitigate Class 1 UAS. A CUAS will defend these elements first by detecting, identifying, and tracking the UAS through a mixture of sensors (e.g. Electronic Warfare (EW), radars, and optics). Once their target is identified, the CUAS capability will degrade or defeat the enemy UAS with a soft-kill (EW) capability…”

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