Canada’s DND issues request to industry for vehicle mounted soft-kill C-UAS system – part two

Canada’s Department for National Defense (DND) has issued a request to industry to proposals for its Integrated Counter Uncrewed Aircraft System (ICV) – CUAS Phase 2  project,(see also

The mounted CUAS intends to deliver an Integrated Vehicle Mounted System including radar and jamming capabilities.

Among requirements listed in the tender:

  • The CUAS Payload LRUs must be MOTS or COTS equipment with a minimum TRL of 8 as defined by the government of Canada at (https://ised canada/en/technology-readiness-levels).
  • Bidders must provide proof that the ICV meets the requirement. Proof can be data sheet, formal test results, demonstration results, etc.
  • The ICV must have RF detection, RF jamming and protocol manipulation capabilities while in motion at a minimum speed of 60 Km/h on hard surfaced paved roads

Solicitation number WS4511866041

Closing date and time 2024/05/0914:00 EDT

For more information

DRAFT RFP Integrated CUAS Phase 2 – Tender Notice | CanadaBuys

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