Zen Technologies wins USD14.8 million C-UAS contract from India’s defence ministry

India’s Zen Technologies Limited has announced an order from India’s Ministry of Defence for counter-UAS equipment valued at 123.3 crores (USD14.8 million).

The company’s C-UAS portfolio of products  includes:

  • RF Based Drone detector (RFDD)
  • Video based Drone Identification & Tracking (VDIT)
  • Data fusion and Command Center (DFCC)
  • Drone RF Jammer (DRFJ)
  • Hard kill

“Kinetics based kill and a Net based drone catcher are the two options available in hard kill,” said the company’s website. “Kinetic based neutralization is supplied with a gun which can auto align to the target and fire bullets against the target to destroy the same physically. In order to capture the drone and land it at a safe place, net-based drone capture option can be employed. For this option, a dedicated drone with a hanging net will be launched to capture the rogue drone. This option is suitable for small rogue drones carrying potentially damaging explosives.”

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