USMC seeks to accelerate MADIS development and acquisition

As the US Marine Corps continues to push its modernisation agenda, transforming the Corps into a lighter, faster, easier-to-deploy, yet highly lethal multi-domain expeditionary force, so, too, it is accelerating the continuing development of its Marine Air Defense Integrated System (MADIS), according to the Center for Military Modernisation.

Developed to meet the rising demand for highly mobile drone destruction, targeting of hostile helicopters and potentially jamming drone swarms, MADIS consists of a vehicle-mounted radar and EW and interceptor weapon systems built to track and destroy low-altitude airborne targets while on the move in combat.  The integrated system combines an Oshkosh Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) with sensors, EW, radar, turret-launched Stinger missiles and a direct-fire weapon operated from a remote weapons station.

MADIS technology was recently cited in a recently-published Marine Corps text, Force Design 2030: Acquisition for the Future Battlefield (click here for access), laying out and explaining the need for further acceleration in the transition programme currently occupying the minds of USMC leaders.

For more information: The Center for Military Modernisation

(Image: The USMC recently demonstrated a lightweight variant of the system – L-MADIS – mounted on the Polaris MRZR ultralight 4×4. Credit: US DoD)

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