“46 US troops injured by recent drone attacks in Middle East”

A Pentagon spokesman on 6 November stated that the number of US military personnel injured as a direct consequence of drone attacks on US bases in Iraq and Syria has risen to 46 – more than doubling the number previously reported.

BGen Pat Ryder pointed out the reported injuries are minor and affected personnel are expected to recover quickly, but added that symptoms of TBI (traumatic brain injury) tend to lag behind the instigating event by days or even weeks.

The total number of attacks since 17 October has now risen to 38 – although only those on 17 and 18 October have resulted in injuries. US DoD continues to warn of the potential for continuing attacks on US troops in the Middle East – including those in the vicinity of the current conflict between Israel and Hamas. The impact on decision-making with regard to procurement and deployment of C-UAS systems is obvious.

For more information: Pentagon Press Secretary Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder Holds an Off-Camera, On-the-Record Press Briefing > U.S. Department of Defense > Transcript

(Image: US Special Forces training near al-Tanf, Syria, one of several bases attacked on multiple occasions by drones since 17 Oct. Credit: US Army/Staff Sgt. William Howard)


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