US Department of Defense to fund DroneShield C-UAS command and control system

DroneShield has announce it has received funding from the United States Department of Defense for targeted development of its DroneShieldCompleteTM Command-and-Control (“C2”) system.The section of the DoD, which has awarded the contract, is a new customer for DroneShield. The funding was awarded through a sole source contract. According to a company press release:

“DroneShieldCompleteTM is an intuitive and feature rich C2, providing real time alerting, tracking and reporting information for native DroneShield as well as third party sensors. The DoD is working with DroneShield, providing funding for an agreed list of feature enhancements, for a project expected to span over several months. Importantly, following that period, the DoD is expected to make multiple purchases of DroneShield’s C-UAS equipment, which would run on the enhanced DroneShieldCompleteTM C2.”

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(Image: DroneShieldCompleteTM screenshot)

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