US critical infrastructure agency places initial order for DroneShield’s counter drone technology

A US federal agency responsible for critical infrastructure has placed an initial order for DroneShield’s portable drone defeat system.

According to a DroneShield press release, the order represents the first sale to a US critical infrastructure agency. Critical infrastructure faces a number of drone threats, across terrorism, illicit surveillance of the facilities, and others – with an inherent difficulty of discerning between different levels of threats. The company anticipates follow-on sales with this and related customers.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s CEO, said: “US Government, through its various agencies, is the single largest counterdrone customer globally. Smaller orders such as this, are an important initial step-stone commitment, leading to larger acquisition programs following the evaluation process. We have now successfully been through this sequence with other Government customers, both in the US and globally.”

(Image: DroneGun MKIII evaluation by US government customers)

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