US Army includes SmartShooter’s SMASH 2000L fire control system as part of C-sUAS defence

The US Army has included SmartShooter’s SMASH 2000L weapon-mounted fire control system as part of its Counter small Uncrewed Aerial Systems (C-cUAS) defence. SmartShooter was awarded a contract from Atlantic Diving Supply (ADS), and reports further evaluation by the US Marine Corps Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO), with recent live fire tests conducted in early August. SmartShooter is presenting its SMASH 2000L together with other SMASH fire control solutions at the AUSA Annual meeting and exposition in Washington DC.

Also known as SMASH 3000, SMASH 2000L (Light) is SmartShooter’s lightest handheld operated fire control system. Using AI, computer vision, and advanced algorithms, it is designed to support precise target elimination against ground and aerial targets, making it an ideal hard-kill solution against drones and sUAS.

SmartShooter’s rifle-mounted SMASH Fire Control system was initially selected by the Joint – small Counter UAS Program Office (JCO) in June 2020 as the only dismounted kinetic solution to defeat drones. The US Army Integrated Fires Rapid Capabilities Office (IFRCO) took the initiative from the JCO selection to purchase the SMASH 2000L fire control systems under PEO Missiles & Space.

(Image: SmartShooter)

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