US Army “gives go-ahead for low rate production of Sentinel A4 air defence/C-UAS radar”

Defense News reports that the US Army has approved the Lockheed Martin Sentinel air defence radar for low-rate initial production.

“Now that the Lockheed Martin-developed Sentinel A4 has been approved, with a total of 19 systems to be delivered in fiscal 2024, the Army is preparing for initial operational test and evaluation in 2025, Maj. Gen. Frank Lozano told Defense News in an Aug. 22 interview,” said the news source.

Sentinel A4 is a “high-performance replacement of the legacy Sentinel A3 (AN/MPQ-64A3) air and missile defence radar that will provide significant improvements to the existing Sentinel capability against cruise missiles, unmanned aerial systems, rotary wing and fixed wing threats,” according to Lockheed Martin.  “The Sentinel A4 will add the ability to detect Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar (RAM) threats, providing RAM Point of Origin and Point of Impact locations, while also providing added protection against electronic threats.”

Sentinel A4 will be integrated into the US Army’s future Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System, or IBCS, and Indirect Fire Protection Capability, or IFPC.

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(Image: Lockheed Martin)

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