US Air Force selects Ascent Vision’s mobile C-UAS solution

The US Air Force awarded Ascent Vision Technologies (AVT) a USD23 million contract to supply mobile counter-drone vehicles for the eXpeditionary Mobile Air Defense Integrated System (X-MADIS) programme. The contract award follows 18 months of testing, trials and evaluation across multiple military services and operational spectrums. First deliveries are due later this year. The mission of the X-MADIS is to detect, locate, track, identify and defeat small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) by combining the capabilities of radar, optics, radio frequency detection and electronic command and control mitigation of the aircraft. AVT’s X-MADIS solution delivers this capability while the vehicle is static or on-the-move.

The contract award comes after three years’ expansion by the company into Counter-UAS (C-UAS) operations through its research, development, testing and fielding of purpose-built CUAS components and integrated systems. During the last 24 months, AVT has been awarded over USD60 million in product and service-related contracts in support of multiple anti-drone initiatives for the US and allied militaries. Recently, a variant of the MADIS family of systems, the L-MADIS which is used by the US Marine Corps, downed an Iranian drone in the Persian Gulf near a US Navy vessel in a theatre environment.

(Image: Ascent Vision Technologies)

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