Ukraine drone production rockets by 900% in six months – more increases imminent

As the drone war in Ukraine continues to escalate, the beleaguered nation is reacting by exponentially increasing its production of drones – especially first-person view (FPV) devices, according to local media and social media sources.

Ukrainian use of drones is increasing across a wide range of applications ranging from long-distance strategic strikes on Russian military and energy assets to maritime strike on Russian vessels in the Black Sea. They are proving particularly effective in tactical strike at a time when Ukraine’s supplies of conventional artillery munitions are hard pressed to keep pace with consumption.

According to local sources, production has rocketed from 5,000 units per month in the middle of last year to 50,000 per month by year end – with a total of 62 drone types locally manufactured. That is a significant step towards the 83,000 per month that would enable the nation to meet its avowed goal of one million drones per year. If that goal is reached, it will represent an increase in production by a factor of one hundred in just two years.

The same sources report that Ukraine is negotiating contracts for the mass production of FPV drones similar in nature to Russia’s Lancet family.

For more information: Ukraine has increased its drone production by 900% in six months and is preparing to mass-produce analogs of Russian Lancets. – UBN

(Image: Shutterstock)

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