Ukraine “defeats biggest Russian drone attack yet, downing 74 of 75 Shaheds”

The Ukrainian Air Force announced on social media it had destroyed 74 of 75 Russian drones in the early hours of 25 November, in what the government described as the biggest drone attack since the invasion began last February.

“The air force destroyed 74 Shahed 131/136 attack UAVs […] The vast majority of them were destroyed in the Kyiv region,” an air force statement reads, in part. It appears that injuries were caused to two people in Kyiv by drone debris, but no other effects have been reported other than damage to several buildings and several minor fires, again caused by falling debris.

The effectors devastating the Russian attack have not been identified, though press and social media accounts report hearing “anti-aircraft guns” in action. Official sources indicate that tactical aviation and EW units were also deployed and that other Russian platforms were also destroyed, including at least one X-59 (Kh-59 Ovod) cruise missile. The Russian attack came from two directions simultaneously, with Kyiv the primary target.

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(Image: A building in Kyiv damaged by a Russian drone attack. Credit: Shutterstock)

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