Ukraine claims to have destroyed two Russian Serp-SV5 counter-UAS systems with drones

Ukrainian media on 8 January reported claims by a group of UAV operators that they have successfully used drones to destroy two modern Serp-SV5 counter-UAS systems operated by Russian forces.

Members of the ‘Inquisitors of the 59th Legion,’ a subordinate unit of the 59th Motorised Brigade of the Armed Force of Ukraine, note that it is “symbolic that a drone found this EW, and then another drone broke it apart,” continuing something of a theme in recent Russian equipment fielding that is ultimately destroyed by the very units it was deployed to counter. Ukrainian radio electronics and electronic warfare (EW) specialist Serhii Beskrestnov, known as Serhii Flash, said he is “70% sure” these antennas are indeed the novel Russian C-UAS jammer.

First revealed in February last year, the Serp-SV5 can reportedly suppress drone control signals and satnav connections at up to 5,000 metres in direct line of sight, with its field of view rotating through four 90° sectors: an upgraded version that appeared in December, the Serp-VS5D, is said to have an optional 360° horizontal view mode. Manufacturer claims include the ability to jam multiple frequencies simultaneously in four frequencies, from 900MHz-5.8GHz. Effective against single UAS or swarms, independent targeting means friendly drones are able to operate normally in the area covered by the device(s).

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Another russian Anti-UAV System Goes Down to UAVs: Serp-SV5 Destroyed in Ukraine | Defense Express (

(Image: Russian media

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