UK Army procures SMASH targeting system in GBP20m framework contract to combat micro-drones

The UK Ministry of Defence has signed a five year long framework agreement with Viking Arms for the SMASH targeting system to counter small UAS worth GBP20 million. Initially 225 units will be purchased worth GBP4.6 million.

British Army soldiers will soon receive the first systems of the SMASH sights from the Israeli manufacturer Smartshooter to combat micro-drones, according to a report today by the British procurement authority Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S). A five-year framework agreement was signed with Viking Arms – the holder of SMASH’s distribution rights in the UK – with a total volume of up to GBP20 million. In a first step, 225 systems worth £4.6 million were retrieved.

“This capability to combat micro-drones (C-sUAS) will initially be integrated into the SA80 A3 assault rifle and can also be installed on other in-service handguns,” the statement said. “The fire control system Smartshooter SMASH Smart Weapon Sight will give soldiers on foot the opportunity to achieve a high probability of hitting micro and mini-UAVs.”

According to social media reports, the British tested both SMASH 3000 and SMASH X4 systems and finally decided on the X4 variant. Delivery of the devices is apparently scheduled for 2023.

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