Tests at Toulouse airport track drones in real-time using Clearance platform

French company Clearance has demonstrated its Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) platform at Toulouse-Blagnac in France during a test to track drones in the vicinity of the airport in real-time. The software is designed to enable tower controllers to visualise drone activity in and around the airport with the aim of enhancing security and managing drone threats. The platform supports tracking information from different sources.

Clearance recently expanded its activities in New Caledonia where the company’s UTM platform is used to support flight approvals in a network that includes several airports across the archipelago. The company said: “With more than a thousand drones used each year, New Caledonia is equipped to manage flights more efficiently”. Drone pilots can submit flight requests using the Clearance platform, saving time and enhancing airspace security. In addition to managing flight requests, the platform supports communications between air traffic control, airport operators and pilots, and it provides information about flight zones, height limits and temporary restricted areas.

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