SkySafe Partners with Robotics Centre to launch cloud-based drone detection in Canada

Unmanned systems solutions company Robotics Centre has partnered with counter drone company SkySafe to detect, track, and analyse drone flights in Canada using the SkySafe cloud-based technology. SkySafe owns and operates city-wide sensor networks and offers airspace awareness via a subscription to their cloud-based application SkySafe Cloud.

“As more and more drones enter the airspace, there are more incidents occurring from the work of careless or criminal drone operators,” said Grant Jordan, SkySafe’s CEO. “Drones are dropping contraband into prisons, smuggling drugs across borders, and disrupting open-air events, just to name a few examples. We’re excited to bring airspace awareness to Canada, so unauthorized or dangerous drones can be identified, and threats can be mitigated.”

SkySafe has been testing and deploying counter drone capabilities to military and public safety customers, both domestic and abroad, since 2015. It offers defence against the threat of drones by applying advanced radio frequency (RF) technology, reverse engineering, and deep threat analysis.

“We’re really pleased to be partnering with Robotics Centre on the Cloud product expansion,” continued Jordan. “They’ve been a great partner for many years and our expansion of the Cloud product in Canada is the perfect next step.”

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