Shield AI collaborates with Sentient to offer AI-enabled wide area motion imagery solutions

Defence technology company Shield AI has entered into a strategic collaboration with AI-enabled passive wide area search company Sentient Vision Systems (Sentient). The partnership aims to deliver a wide area motion imagery (WAMI) solution for Department of Defense (DoD), Australian Defense Forces (ADF) and other international customers.  

The companies plans to jointly develop and integrate a ViDAR-enabled, wide-area-search capability onto Shield AI’s V-BAT unmanned aircraft, which will enable Shield AI’s V-BAT to intelligently classify, track, and read-and-react to targets in dynamic missions. Shield AI plans to fly the capability on V-BAT next year. 

ViDAR is Sentient’s AI system, which uses an Electro-Optic or Infrared (EO/IR) sensor to detect and classify targets in the imagery stream that would be invisible to a human operator or to a conventional radar. With these enhanced capabilities, V-BAT expects to execute challenging missions, offering a level of capability that significantly bolsters threat deterrence, thereby reinforcing international peace and security. 

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