Sentrycs participates in DHS anti-swarm testing

In Oklahoma last month, Sentrycs participated in rigorous testing organised by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), aimed at demonstrating and evaluating capabilities for simultaneous drone detect and track at differing ranges, altitudes and speeds.

Among the test scenarios successfully completed were:

  • Individual and multiple drones to 2.5km distant and 500m high;
  • Safe drone mitigation, distinguishing authorised from unauthorised drones, tracking DJI, Autel and Parrot drones simultaneously, tracking and mitigating the only 4G-enabled commercial drone;
  • Detection and tracking of drones outside the test zone, at ranges of 12-25km.

Sentrycs’ solution is based on Protocol Analytics, which enables safe and dependable detection, tracking, and identification of a wide range of drones, ensuring zero false alarms and no disruption to other communication signals. Additionally, it can facilitate secure takeover of unauthorised drones, safely guiding them to a controlled landing or directing them back to their point of origin, leaving authorized drones unaffected. As a result of this testing, the system is demonstrably not sensitive to the proximity of drones to each other, the altitude they are flying at, or their speed.

Yoav Zaltzman, CEO of Sentrycs highlighted that, “Sentrycs’ showcase at the recent DHS testing scenario in Oklahoma is a testament to the technological breakthroughs we keep pushing for and our relentless drive for excellence,” said Sentrycs CEO, Yoav Zaltzman. “The consistent and reliable results our system delivered underscore the transformative potential of our technology in the face of drone threats in general, and drone swarms in particular”.

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(Image: Sentrycs’ C-UAS solutions lend themselves to fixed location, portable and vehicle-mounted applications. Credit: Sentrycs)

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