Senhive demonstrates capabilities of SENID+ sensor in C-UAS role

Using a permanent demonstration installation at its offices in Sint-Truiden, eastern Belgium, Senhive has revealed the capabilities of its SENID+ RF sensor.

In the image above, the heatmap shows a total of 304 drones detected over a two-month period, the circle denotes a 10km range from the installation and the arrows indicate detections made at linger ranges. The results were obtained using a single sensor with omnidirectional antennas.

  • Accurate DJI drone and pilot localisation;
  • Universal Brand Detection;
  • Cost-Efficiency;
  • Compact, user-friendly nature, lending itself to streamlined implementation;
  • Remote-ID-compliant for regulatory adherence.

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(Image: A heatmap clearly shows the capabilities of the SENID+ sensor over a two-month period. Credit: Senhive)

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