Russian counter drone technology designed to combat drone swarms announced by Rospatent

A report by RIA Novosti says specialists of the Military University of the Ministry of Defense have invented a new way to deal with a swarm of small drones. The report is based on a document published on the website of Rospatent, and is also reported by UAS Vision.

The counter drone solution comprises a small quadrocopter “equipped with a control unit, a multi-barrel weapon station and four telescopic rails that face horizontally to the sides and are interconnected by a network. The latter “sprays” the ammunition into small fragments flying in different directions,” says RIA Novosti.

The system is designed “to cover protected objects with a fragmentation field. In a combat position, the drone hangs in the air above an object with a net open on the rails. Network sensors read the movement of the attacking “swarm” and send a signal to the electric capsules of the charges of the multi-barrel combat module. After that, all of its barrels fire at the same time, and the fragmentation field created in this way destroys enemy drones.

“The drone, in a combat position, hovers in the air with its net open. When sensors detect the movement of an attacking ‘swarm’, the quadcopter’s barrels fire a simultaneous salvo and a shrapnel field destroys the enemy drones.”

(Image: RIA Novosti)

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