Russia joins Egyptian forces in counter drone exercises near Cairo

Russian military forces carried out air defense trials in collaboration with Egyptian forces near Cairo according to a news report in UAS Vision. Over 100 servicemen from Russia’s Southern Military District took part in live firing and launches from various air defense systems during the international exercise which only used Russian-made equipment. A Russian military statement said joint units of Buk-M2E and Tor-M2E surface-to-air missile systems intercepted and shot down a simulated enemy’s unmanned aerial vehicle approaching an airfield. In addition, Igla-S man-portable homing surface-to-air missile systems and Shilka-M4 self-propelled, radar guided anti-aircraft weapon systems were also used during the exercise.

UAS Vision reports drills involving Russian-made Buk-M2E, Tor-M2E, Pechora S-125 on a tracked undercarriage, wheeled Kub, Igla-S MANPADS, Shilka-M4 self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon systems, as well as all-terrain vehicles for Igla-S. Anti-aircraft gunners from both countries practiced inter-operability in ensuring airspace security, measures to provide cover for vital facilities, improve their skills and engage the maximum combat capabilities of surface-to-air missile systems in jointly repelling air strikes in various conditions.

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