Russia deploys tank-mounted Volnorez jammers in Ukraine

First seen in public at the Russian Army Expo 2023, the Volnorez (Breakwater) C-UAS jammer has now been seen mounted on T-80BVM main battle tanks in Ukraine, according to social media reports circulating in mid-September.

Volnorez spans the frequency range from 900-2,000MHz and is able to disrupt drone signals from ranges in excess of one kilometre, providing the jammer-equipped vehicle (and its immediate neighbours) with enhanced levels of protection in an increasingly intense conflict. The jammers – which are magnetically attached to the host vehicle, thus increasing operational agility-are omnidirectional, thereby providing 360° coverage.

For further information: Unmanned Airspace is seeking further detail on Volnorez and its deployment. Watch this space!

(Image: Volnorez is magnetically attached to a wide range of armoured vehicles.     Credit: Facebook Garupan History).

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