Lithuanian SkyWiper C-UAS systems deployed in thousands in Ukraine

Press reports in mid-September indicate that Lithuanian officials have confirmed the recent and ongoing use of high volumes of Lithuanian-manufactured C-UAS systems In Ukraine, as that nation continues to seek effective counters to Russian UAS.

An announcement in June last year confirmed that 110 C-UAS systems, manufactured in Lithuania, were being transferred to Ukraine. However, Ivan Sybyriakov, Manager of the Unmanned Systems Centre at SpetsTechnoExport, the Ukrainian government-owned organisation, is now quoted as stating that the Ukrainian military currently operates “thousands” of C-UAS systems manufactured by Kaunas-based NT Service UAB. Unmanned Airspace understands the systems in question are the SkyWiper Electronic Drone Mitigation 4 system (EDM4S) and SkyWiper Omni, which Ukraine has been operating since 2021.

The former system, a so-called ‘drone gun’ weighing just 6.5kg, offers a useful range of up to five kilometres and can operate for over an hour, using four 10W antennas to jam and disrupt UAS operating on a variety of frequencies. SkyWiper Omni is an 11.3kg omnidirectional jammer that operates on the same frequencies at a range of up to 500 metres.

For more information: Defense Solutions – NT Service

(Image: Ukrainian officials have stated that the armed forces are operating thousands of Lithuanian-manufactured C-UAS systems, including the SkyWiper EDM4S. Credit: NT Service UAB)

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