Rheinmetall clinches Hungarian deal for Skyranger 30 air defence system on Lynx AFV

Hungary has awarded Rheinmetall a contract, “valued at close to EUR30 million,” for conceptual development of the Skyranger 30 turret to be integrated on the future Lynx KF41 mobile air defence vehicle. The contract was signed in Budapest on 15 December under the European Sky Shield Initiative (ESSI).

“Skyranger 30 is the ideal solution for contemporary scenarios that involve countering drone attacks and other aerial threats,” the company stated. Incorporating a high-performance 30mm automatic cannon, surface to air missiles such as Mistral, Stinger or Chiron and an advanced sensor suite, the turret will provide Hungary with an advanced, modern and highly capable air defence platform capable of tackling a broad range of airborne threats, including drones.

ESSI seeks to significantly improve Europe’s air defence capabilities over the next several years. Plans are being developed for joint procurement, deployment and sustainment of pertinent hardware, including radar systems, automatic cannon and surface to air missiles. Both Germany and Denmark are evaluating the potential for procurement of a Skyranger 30 solution currently: about 20 systems mounted on a Boxer 8×8 vehicle for the Bundeswehr and some 15 on an alternative 8×8 chassis for Copenhagen.

For more information: www.rheinmetall.com

(Image: the Lynx Mobile Air Defence Vehicle will give the Hugarian armed forces a modern, flexible capability against a variety of airborne targets, including UAVs. Credit: Rheinmetall)

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