Poland unveils solution for drone-on-drone warfare at MSPO 2023

The Łukasiewicz Institute of Aviation has unveiled the HAASTA UAS at the MSPO defence exhibition in Kielce this week. Developed in collaboration with Eurotech in Italy and inspired by combat experience in recent conflicts (meaning Ukraine, which Poland studies avidly), the innovative, hybrid-powered UAS fills most of the traditional UAS missions – cargo, ISR etc. – but the version on display at MSPO is configured for the counter-UAS role.

For deployment as a single unmanned ‘fighter’ or in a swarm, the HAASTA is armed with a belly-mounted 5.45mm machinegun. It was designed to penetrate modern air defences and deep in hostile territory, and in accordance with the new STANAG 4703 governing fixed-wing UAS. The 13-foot airframe is powered by a 20HP ICE-electric hybrid engine, offering speeds up to 170mph , a ceiling of over 20,000 feet and an operating radius of up to 170 kilometres.

The Institute states that HAASTA has already successfully passed a battery of demanding flight tests, but that the conceptual design stage continues to evolve as potential customer demand is being solicited.

For more information:

Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation (lukasiewicz.gov.pl)

(Image: HAASTA is conceived as working as a singleton UAS or in a swarm, either in ISR, EW or combat modes. Credit: Łukasiewicz Institute of Aviation)

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