Operational Solutions releases hardware-free drone alert service for real-time updates

Operational Solutions Ltd reports release of a new Drone Alert Service (DAS) product. DAS is a hardware-free intuitive drone detection solution says the company press release.

DAS is available through a range of subscription-based offerings, meaning that users can be alerted to drone activity in their perimeter, and view three years’ worth of historic data with subscriptions starting at GBP24 a day.  

Accessible from a fixed IP address, DAS harnesses an array of remote sensors to rapidly detect drones entering pre-determined perimeters, and present users with a real-time overview of incursions. The interface delivers actionable insights, enabling users to understand drone activity at a glance and coordinate the most effective response.   

Operational Solutions says DAS comes at a time when drones are more commonplace than ever. Consistently evolving in capability, drones can quickly enter secure perimeters to disrupt operations, damage assets, and conduct unauthorised surveillance in many unique ways.

Through this release, OSL hopes to empower a wide range of industries, from private residencies to engineering plants and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), to gain an advanced understanding of their airspace.

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