OpenWorks and Liteye agree C-UAS partnership

OpenWorks Engineering Ltd and Liteye Systems Inc have announced they formed an exclusive partnership to support military, law enforcement and security authorities with their counter-UAS missions; The two companies are joining forces to offer an integrated low-collateral-damage C-UAS defeat layer to Liteye’s counter unmanned systems offerings.

Liteye is a specialist in the development and deployment of a range of counter-UAS products and systems and has already deployed fully integrated detect, track and defeat systems with US military customers since 2016. OpenWorks developed the SkyWall net capture products which have been deployed operationally to protect heads of state, highly-sensitive sites and critical national Infrastructure around the world. SkyWall allows the operator to physically capture the UAS target in a net; a unique non-ECM UAS defeat capability. Teamed with Liteye’s solutions these systems can now be integrated into a larger defensive umbrella of radars, cameras, RF sensing, and electronic warfare capabilities.

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