OpenWorks Engineering unveils next generation SkyTrack drone detection system

OpenWorks Engineering has introduced a new optical tracking system for the company’s SkyTrack configurable air defence and counter uncrewed aerial system (CUAS) camera.

Designed specifically for CUAS, dynamic air targets and air defence applications, the optical tracking system includes the following features:

  • Built-in twin-AI modules for fast classification and tracking,
  • dynamic positioner,
  • a full range of HD cooled MWIR optics with matching EO, with focal lengths from 162-900mm,
  • modular plug-and-play optical units and upgrades (LRF, IMU, INS, GPS,
  • mounting power and control for easy integration,
  • mounting for third party sensors and effectors,
  • fully autonomous slew-to-cue from radars and RF sensors,
  • AI enabled false alarm rejection and ID, and trained Sky AI to classify and track non-UAS targets.

See a video of key features here

Further technical information or demonstration can be arranged by contacting the OpenWorks team.

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