OpenWorks and Robin Radar demonstrate integrated counter drone technology

Counter drone company OpenWorks has demonstrated it optical sensor SkyTrack is compatible with Robin Radar’s drone detection radar IRIS. Both technologies are already mission-proven in multi-sensor integrated counter-unmanned aerial systems (CUAS) worldwide. This new integration is designed to help government authorities and other end-users access autonomous CUAS capability; without significant investment in multi-sensor system architectures, says OpenWorks.

SkyTrack and IRIS are already deployed in multi-sensor integrated CUAS systems worldwide. IRIS® provides long-range 3D radar detection and classification using advanced micro-doppler technology enhanced with AI. SkyTrack provides mid-range, fully autonomous optical classification and tracking; using embedded twin-AI with EO/IR sensors.

The testing in the Netherlands proves that high-performance sensors can be connected to provide a low false-alarm-rate system with minimal or no operator input using a simple user interface (UI) provided with SkyTrack.

IRIS® connects to SkyTrack via free software called LinkUI, provided by OpenWorks. LinkUI intuitively connects the sensors, allowing minimal operator engagement for simple operation and control.

LinkUI provides a lightweight sensor combination for end users and customers that do not need the capability and scale of complete command-and-control systems offered by prime systems integrators.

OpenWorks and Robin will continue testing these compatible sensors against other targets and at greater ranges in the coming months and will provide demonstrations of the system’s capability throughout Europe.

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