Nocturne Drones, Dedrone partnership establishes special drone defence unit

Nocturne Drones has partnered with Dedrone to establish a special unit for drone defense called Nocturne Drone Defense Systems. Drone show specialist Nocturne partnered with Dedrone to expand its portfolio and protect shows around the world from unauthorised drones, says the company press release.

Dedrone’s aviation security system is designed to detect, identify, locate and mitigate nearly 300 different types of drones, including homemade drones.

In addition to firmly integrated drone detection systems inside the control vehicles of Nocturne Drone Shows, further systems are available for the airspace surveillance of events, including espionage protection and defusing possible attack risks. Engineers at Nocturne Drones are currently developing additional counterintelligence solutions for various applications.

“Safety is our top priority. Since we often work in sensitive areas, it is our aim to make our shows even safer and to offer our customers complete protection against drones from a single source. In view of the ever-increasing danger posed by drones at events we chose to partner with Dedrone, the world’s leading provider of airspace security,” explained Jens Hillenkötter, Managing Director of Nocturne Drones.

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