Netline adds compact tactical rapid deployment anti-drone jammer to DroneNet RD family

Electronic warfare company Netline Communications Technologies has launched a new DroneNet RD Jammer, a compact rapid deployment (RD) tactical drone jamming solution designed for easy deployment that meets the US Military Standards (MIL-STD), according to a Netline press release.

The DroneNet RD Jammer is the latest addition to the DroneNet family of solutions designed to prevent unauthorized drones entering protected airspace, such as over deployed military forces, over strategic facilities, or in VIP protection arenas, whether on the move or stationary. The DroneNet RD jammer can be quickly deployed, mounted on a tripod mast, by a small tactical operating team.

The DroneNet solution provides a multi-layered response to unauthorized drones. First, the DroneNet DF sensor detects the drone trying to enter protected airspace, identifies its type and the location from which it has arrived on the scene. The new SDR-based RD jammer then jams communication between the drone and its operator on ISM bands, as well as the GPS signal used by the drone.

Providing coverage of all relevant frequency bands used by commercially-available drones, each of its five bands addresses a different communication channel used by the drone for a different purpose:

  • Disabling the drone’s control & telemetry channel, resulting in loss of control over the drone
  • Blocking the video downlink transmission
  • Jamming the GPS signal to disable the drone’s navigation and stabilization capabilities.

Compact and rugged, the new DroneNet RD jammer has completed military standards qualification testing and is now ready to support operations in harsh weather conditions.

The system can be supplied with either directional or omni-directional antennas. If required, more complex arrays can also be provided, such as mounted rotating directional antennas or switched antennas. Such installations can significantly increase energy efficiency and jamming power when combined with a direction-finding capability, either from Netline’s DroneNet system or from an external source via the Application Programming Interface (API).

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