NATO Multinational Battlegroup Slovakia deploys dual jammer/surveillance system at Pliesovce

The NATO Multinational Battlegroup Slovakia deployed the STARKOM jammer/surveillance/EW system at its training centre in Pliesovce on 9 November.

In service with the Czech armed forces since last year, STARKOM (STAvebnicový Rušič KOMunikační – Modular Communication Jammer) offers powerful electronic countermeasures capabilities in the form of jamming and/or signals intelligence (SIGINT) as well as electronic surveillance and support measures. The USD60+ million development programme has enabled Czech forces to replace outdated jamming platforms.

Mounted on the 8×8 Tatra Force T-815-7T3RC1 truck chassis, STARKOM has been entirely developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic, with the VVU Brno research institute as prime contractor. Subcontractors URC Systems and the JISR Institute provided specialised components and services. The Czech armed forces are to procure eight complete sets by the end of 2023, significantly enhancing existing EW capabilities. The force will then be able more easily to jam ground-based and aerial targets – including drones – disrupting hostile communications and navigation signals in various spectra at the operational-tactical level.

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(Image: STARKOM will jam ground-based and airborne targets, disrupting their communications and navigation signals. Credit: URC Systems)

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