MatrixSpace launches “smallest, lightest” radar for eVTOLs, drones and ground-based surveillance markets

 MatrixSpace has launched its MatrixSpace Radar, “a highly differentiated series of AI sensing products addressing the need for affordable, long-distance sensing, tracking, monitoring and inspection solutions for use on the ground or in the air,” reports the company.

“It is the smallest, lightest and most portable high-performance radar available, opening opportunities for previously unaffordable or completely new applications. Digitizing the outdoors is the ability to measure the size, location, and movement of objects in time, shifting reliance from human sensing to a far more detailed recognition of objects and their movements.

“Current radar offerings are either basic solutions with limited range, or expensive military-grade offerings which are heavy, consume high amounts of power, require specialist skills to operate, and are difficult to set up. MatrixSpace Radar addresses this unserved middle area for large-scale use cases. These include semi-autonomous mobile platforms such as robots, drones, and eVTOLs; general aviation such as helicopters; and systems such as portable or fixed security systems, target tracking systems, and sports performance analysis.

“MatrixSpace’s mission is to offer real-time AI edge-based sensing with the ability to detect and track multiple types of objects in any situation. Combining industry leading sensing, AI edge processing and RF communication in real-time is a major technology breakthrough that will reinvent business models across multiple vertical market applications. The MatrixSpace Radar is the foundational product of this open architecture sensing platform.”

Key features include

  • Detects and tracks objects kilometers away in the air and on the ground.
  • Operates in all weather conditions, day and night, in smoke and fog.
  • Cell phone size, weighing under a pound.
  • Ultra-low power consumption, allowing for AC power or battery/solar panel operation for remote or mobile deployment.
  • Phased array technology for fast electronic scanning plus industry leading range, angular resolution and 3D fixing capability.
  • Software-defined radar with programmable waveform and signal processing.
  • On-board radar data processing and 4D tracking (size, position and time).



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