MARSS adds kinetic denial function to its NiDAR C2 C-UAS unit

The UK’s MARSS Group has announced it has enhanced its NiDAR C2 counter-UAS system “with a kinetic denial function, able to detect, jam and if necessary, destroy life-threatening unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in seconds,” said the company. It will be demonstrating this world’s first turnkey solution with effectors throughout October.

According to the company, “with a multi-layered approach, the NiDAR system is capable of detecting tactical UAS from distances of over 15km, combining radar, radio frequency (RF) detection and EO cameras to identify threats and trigger responses while also learning from events and actions thanks to its powerful AI integration. MARSS has worked alongside industry leaders in countermeasure design, to introduce multiple levels of kinetic denial into an intuitive C2 system that saves lives. From standard targeted radio frequency and GPS jamming, to the latest in long range effectors rendering incapable the threat, NiDAR disrupts UAS operations and eliminates verified threats in seconds, protecting lives and property.”

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