INTERPOL to update framework for responding to drone incidents aimed at first responders

Following on from the INTERPOL Drone Expert Summit held recently in San Diego, the international criminal police organisation is to update its framework for responding to a drone incident, first published four years’ ago. The framework is intended to provide technical guidance in managing and processing an incident. The objective of the guidelines is to ensure that a member country has the relevant information needed in order to most appropriately respond to a drone incident. The advice given is intended to be used as a reference for both strategic and tactical levels.

The Framework for Responding to a Drone Incident is aimed at first responders and digital forensics practitioners and is a reference tool for law enforcement worldwide and illustrates INTERPOL’s continuous efforts to promote innovation and enhance best practices among our member countries. The guide offers insights into handling unexpected incidents involving drones and is freely available online – offering all interested individuals or institutions information about this rapidly evolving technology sector.
INTERPOL created its Innovation Centre in Singapore in 2017, with a view to fostering innovation in global law enforcement. The Digital Forensics Lab (DFL) within the Innovation Centre has been leading the effort to increase the level of innovative technology education, and enhance digital forensics capabilities, within the INTERPOL member countries.
This update is expected to feature pointers catered towards today’s challenges and advancements in the field of drones security & forensics.

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